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Syed Qasim Kazmi Founder

20th Jan 1945 – 4th Feb 2009

Syed Qasim Kazmi was born in reputed Muslim family. His Father Syed Murtaza Shah was a renowned craftsman of valley. Syed Qasim Kazmi was educated in S.P Higher secondary school, S.P College, and University of Kashmir; He was well educated person in our family / society. He has been serving education department as a chemistry professor, Teaching Trainer, Principal and an Academician. He has left indelible impressions wherever he worked.

Organized a number of workshops, seminars & orientation programs at state level. Worked as Principal S.P Higher Worked as principal for Iqbal memorial B.Ed College improved the overall functioning to make it one of the best leading colleges. Worked as principal for S.P Higher Secondary, Srinagar and made sure that the proper systematic educational rule is back with the students and aswell as within the teaching and non teaching staff. He was instrumental in reviving the glory of S.P Higher Secondary School. He has been writing different themes useful articles of Education in different papers, magazines and books. He has number of publications in his name. Syed Qasim Kazmi was one of the senior most and well known academician of the Education Department in J&K State. He was extremely concerned about lack of understanding of Adolescent youth, their needs and desires.

His famous publications are:
  • In the making of Teacher
  • Youth pulse (A book of Adolescent) and many more...

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